Strength Within

How can I feel alone

When I’m full of pain
But A piece of paper
And a pen make all the gain.
How can I be weak when I have imagi nation and powerful thoughts blessed with a poet’s creation.
How can I die with all the memorable stories
Full of living characters
And pile of histories.
How can I be hurt
When I have loyal heart
To love people around
And rewrite from the start.


My Wish.

In the start of the night
sitting in very dim light.

On the cold wet sand
dropping ash by one hand.

Listening to the soothing voices
sticking with the old choices.

At this moment i am sure
there’s no one on the ashore.

While sitting on the shore when its full moon.
Or Sleeping till 2 o’clock in noon.

I thought about my life and found sorrow in rife.

I was like a piece of cake cut by the knife
or like a cub thats not getting thrive.

It brought tear in my eyes As I thought to say world last good bye Now i wish to have a dying wish
Die with pride like a giant fish. Thats not available in the dish.
Fisherman your boat needs to get refurnish. I know its too late
Because i have taken the bait. I don’t care if your spears thick.
I am The MobyDick. I got a chance to live in the heart of the sea
Wherever i want can flee.

Remember?i told you of fulfilling a dream
I’ll grow so large to swim against stream


The wonderful development in the world is meaningless if we don’t have eyes to see. So is the case with the suffering of the world. It is easy to to say that “God is in the heaven and all is well with the world”.It is true with the people who don’t have their inwad eyes. It is time to wake up those people who have ways and means to help people find food shelter and health care. The people who are aware of the sorrow and suffering of the poor should come together and awake heart and mind of our elite class.